Christians Thinking… is a resource for people who think about the world we live in from a Christian (Biblical) point of view.

What is a Christian worldview?  A worldview is a way of seeing and trying to make sense of the world – it represents the assumptions we make about reality.  Often we make those assumptions unconsciously – we just absorb them from our environment; from parents, school, books, movies, social media.

A Biblical worldview can be defined as God’s view of the world – seeing the world (reality) as it is through God’s eyes.

No one has a complete or perfect understanding of how God views the world.  As Christ followers we need to regularly refresh or update our worldview beliefs – just as we routinely update the OS on our smartphones and computers. is one attempt to think Biblically about some critical issues of our time.  It no doubt contains a mix of gold and gravel – please take the gold and ignore the gravel (thanks to Ken Boa for the analogy).


about the world and our role in it as followers of Jesus